Thursday, July 23, 2009

Love Those Independent Bookstores

McClean and Eakins in Petoskey, Michigan not only advertised my appearance for a signing, they personally informed their mystery loving customers ahead of time and on the day of the signing that I would be there and they had already sold two of Why Did You Die In the Park? before my appearance. They steered browsing customers to my table to hear about my books. And they were just plain welcoming and supportive to me as the author.

The Seattle Mystery Bookshop allowed me to host my “Tea and Conversation” West Coast Book Launch even though I am an unknown, self-published author. This bookstore puts out a monthly list of store best-sellers, and my two books came in 5th and 9th among trade paperbacks the month of the book launch – a little extra punch for those looking for a good book.

Park Place Books in Kirkland, Washington, took four of each of my books on consignment sight unseen, because I was a local author when I wrote them.

And Horizon Books in Traverse City, Petoskey, and Cadillac, Michigan have allowed multiple signings for me as a local author, and they keep a stock of my signed book, as well as other local author’s books, on the shelves.

These are not the only independent bookstores that have allowed me to have signings, but these are examples of the kind of “above and beyond” treatment that motivates authors like me to steer as much business as possible their way. Remember to support your local independent bookstore!