Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Me? A Blogger?

They told me I had to do it, so here I am। As soon as my fingers hit the keys on my computer, I thought I probably belong here -- a place where I can let them fly, roam where they will, not to be reined in by plot or character or that dreaded word, "saleability".
I'll be telling a little about me as I get my act together (if?), and a little about my writing world and how it has meandered through the years, and hopefully a little about some of my readers (if?) as they come aboard।
If you read this before I finish getting my act together (which could be a long time in the future) let me know what you think about my current meanderings.


Vivian Zabel said...

Welcome to the blogging world. My blog is, where I'm showcasing other authors and illustrators, at least for the month of August.

Enjoy your fingers flying over the keys as you share your thoughts.


Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Hey Pat!

Nice to see you here..tell us more about you! What do you write? And where? and why? And how?

Come visit Jungle Red Writers...and we'll come back to chat, too!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, you gotta start somewhere, Pat. I hope you have as much fun blogging -- and getting to know other bloggers -- as I've been having over the past 2+ years.

Lee Lofland said...

Good luck, Pat. You'll have a lot of fun blogging. Well, you'll have fun if it doesn't drive you crazy! This stuff is addictive. :)

I wish you well.

Lee Lofland
The Graveyard Shift

Peg Brantley said...

Glad to see you in the Netherworld, Pat. It's both frustrating and rewarding.

It's that first post that's the most intimidating--and for you, it's history!

Have fun and remember this game ain't serious.

Peg Brantley
Suspense Novelist

Helen said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Pat. You've done the hardest part -- letting go and taking the leap. Now you just have fun.

If you need anything, just yell.
Helen Ginger

Jean Henry Mead said...

I think I'm going to be a regular reader of your column, Pat. Welcome aboard!

Pen N. Hand said...

A bit late here as I catch up, but that first one is the killer. Check me out at when I talked about fog and didn't make it back for two years.
A friend's blog gave me the idea for a ghost story, so you never know what will happen.
Let us hear more from you and MI. It has been almost 20 years since we visited your home for a Willow Collectors meeting. In late June when my garden is sparse of flowers I know you are enjoying all of our May bloomers.

Muriel said...

Welcome to the Land of blogging. I never would have guessed that I would have as much fun blogging as I have and I am sure you will too. It is kinda nice to have a place to write down your random thoughts, whether any one else reads them or not.