Monday, March 17, 2014

The Tucson Book Festival

Speed limits are 80 MPH across Texas and New Mexico on I-10, with gale force winds. No driveways or mailboxes, though! Many warnings about dust storms, but fortunately I didn't run into any.

After a day of getting myself acclimated and finding my way around, I spent the weekend at the Tucson Book Festival. I'd heard great things about the festival: how many thousands of people attended, how many book buyers there were, how many books people sold. My results were somewhat underwhelming. After selling only two books in my alloted two hours at the Tucson Sisters in Crime booth, I noticed there was a slot still empty the next day and asked if I could have it. Yes! Three more books sold. And one more at my signing in the festival author's pavilion alloted to self-published authors.

Because self published authors aren't allowed to participate on panels, where you get noticed, or in the signings for panelists.

Oh, well. My book events are becoming an excuse for me to do the traveling I like to do, which is hard to do alone. In addition, I meet so many great people in this same business of writing and then trying to sell books.

Besides, since I had several stops this trip, and saw so much of family, it was worth it even without the festival. Plus, I have to justify my membership in WorldMark the Club timeshares by using their wonderful resorts. Which I'll be doing for the next three days at Rancho Vistoso in Tucson before heading out to Prescott to visit with my sister before going back to Michigan. Unfortunately, I think winter will still be there to greet me when I arrive. Wish I didn't have to get back to file my taxes and take care of other business.

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