Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Moving and starting a new life in Prescott, Arizona, definitely made writing the first book in my spinoff series, set in Arizona, more difficult. The almost final draft is with my editor now, so I'm hoping to get it out within a month or two.

Never one to go half way, Kate Christensen, Marge's daughter, trades rain rich Seattle for the dry mountains of Arizona to escape the stress of work and personal problems. She expects to settle into a quiet life and spend time with her aging grandmother. Before she has a chance to start that life, a death in the motel room next to hers and an unsympathetic police chief propel her into a murder investigation. Her grandmother’s increasing health issues cause Kate to bounce back and forth between her grandmother and the murder victim’s widow while trying to figure out the complexities of her own life. Maybe her previous stress wasn’t so bad.
Watch for the release of Katie Comes to Cactus (working title, might change). I expect to be in Michigan in October. If the book is out I'll have a launch party somewhere on the weekend of the 6th. Launch in Arizona depends on when the book is available.

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